Language Research Group

About Us

Language Research Group (LRG) is a student-run Special Interest Group (led by folks based out of the Society for Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning (SAiDL) at BITS Pilani, Goa Campus). The group aims to study the theoretical and practical underpinnings of all things related to language, with a strong focus on inculcating the tools of research and experimentation in its methodologies to discover what lies underneath language.

Our members are actively involved in research projects and have published at top-tier venues like ICLR, AAAI, ACL, EMNLP, COLING, TREC, and IEEE BigMM. The group also actively engages in Open-sourced projects and Paper Reading sessions.

You can contact us to:

1. Learn about Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computational Linguistics (CL)
2. Seek mentorship for working on research projects (for NLP & CL)
3. Seek mentorship while applying for opportunities in NLP & CL research

Recent News

  • [Apr' 22] Arijit and Rajaswa's paper Towards Using Diachronic Distributed Word Representations as Models of Lexical Development has been accepted at the ACL '22 SRW

  • [Mar' 22] Rajaswa gave his talk on Advances and Consolidation in Natural Language Processing at BITS Goa!

  • [Feb '22] Shrey's paper DMix: Adaptive Distance-aware Interpolative Mixup got accepted at ACL 2022 -Main conference

  • [Feb' 22] Somesh, Vishwa, Arijit and Abeesht attended the Google Research Week 2022!

  • [Jan '22] Somesh joins Adobe MDSR Labs as a research intern!

  • [Jan '22] Somesh's paper MINIMAL got accepted at AAAI-22

  • [Dec '21] The T0 model paper has been accepted at ICLR '22, to which Gunjan, Harshit and Abheesht contributed prompts.

  • [Nov '21] Abheesht, Gunjan, Harshit, and Rajaswa have been invited to present DRIFT to the AI Research Group at Aon!

  • [Sep '21] Rajaswa, Siddhant, Jasleen, and Saumitra's Vyākarana paper has been accepted at MRL 2021 (EMNLP '21)!

  • [Sep '21] Shrey's DMix paper has been accepted at MRL 2021 (EMNLP '21)!

  • [Sep '21] Vishwa's Sequence Mixup paper has been accepted at MRL 2021 (EMNLP '21)!

  • [Sep '21] Abheesht, Gunjan, Harshit and Rajaswa's paper has been accepted at EMNLP 2021!

  • [Aug '21] Rajaswa starts his pre-doctoral research fellowship at TCS Research!

  • [Aug '21] Jasleen and Rajaswa will be volunteering as Teaching Assistant and Content-creator at the Neuromatch DL summer school 2021!

  • [Aug '21] Arijit starts his remote research internship at CLE-University of Edinburgh.

  • [July '21] Somesh, Vishwa, and Yash will be the teaching assistants for CS F429: Natural Language Processing

  • [March '21] Gunjan, Abheesht, Harshit and Yash's papers have been accepted at SemEval 2021, to be held with ACL-IJCNLP.

  • [Feb '21] Abheesht and Harshit's paper on Podcast Retrieval has been accepted and published at TREC 2020.

  • [Jan '21] Abheesht starts his remote research internship at LCS2-IIITD!

  • [Jan '21] CTE Course on Introduction to Machine Learning and Deep Learning starts with Yash, Vishwa and Shrey as co-instructors.

  • [Jan '21] Jasleen starts her undergraduate thesis at LCS2-IIITD.

  • [Aug '20] Jasleen has received a full-time offer from Tekion.

  • [Aug '20] CTE Course on Data Analysis using Python & R starts with Jasleen as a co-instructor.